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21 August 2007 @ 09:46 pm
Cat dropping coffee is hit  

ITN - Monday, August 20 10:39 am

Coffee claimed to be made from seeds found in cat droppings has become a delicacy in Indonesia.

Makers claim they gather undigested seeds from ripe coffee cherries, that have passed through the stomachs of civet cats and use them to make the drink.

It has been suggested enzymes in the animal's stomach break down the proteins in the seeds and give them a bitter taste that enhances the flavour.

The cats are not kept as domestic pets, so the makers claim they have to search for the droppings, making the resulting coffee rare and expensive.

However, the packaging and price of the product advertised online varies wildly, raising suspicions about the claims.

Some reports suggest only 500 kilograms of the coffee is produced every year and 450 grams costs up to £40.
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